arM25 Initiative


Our community is swirling in times of economic uncertainty, job loss, and financial tightropes.

And we hear Christ’s voice echoing in our hearts. Our king says, “When you did it to them, you did it to me.”

Area Relief Ministries has been committed the Jackson Community for over thirty years, and while the specific language has changed, the mission has been the same. ARM works hand in hand with churches, schools, legislature, volunteers and clients to alleviate suffering, promote dignity, and foster hope for those in need in our community.


Matthew 25:40 has been our inspiration for the ARM25 initiative. By giving once or on a monthly basis through our new online giving system (BELOW), you can support the work of ARM programs all year long. YOUR GIFTS CAN MAKE ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE FOR THE YEAR AHEAD!

Give to ARM today, and become an ARM25 Partner!


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