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While the ToySTORE has been a major accomplishment and another example of collaboration at its best between Area Relief Ministries, local area churches, Englewood, and United Way, ARM is excited to announce that we are moving to the next phase of best-practice work when it comes to Christmas generosity.

While The HUB Club has continued to grow staff, hours, and best-practice programming in the Hillcrest neighborhood over the last six years, we are thrilled to be doing after school mentoring and tutoring as well as reading initiatives, parent council, special community activities, and training for other grassroots organizations serving children in our community.

 Because of our commitment to this neighborhood, and because of our understanding that the families we serve have the desire to give back, to own their Christmas experience, and to not be merely the recipient of another’s goodwill, we are transitioning the ToySTORE to “Deck the HUB!” Parents in the Hillcrest neighborhood as well as volunteers from around the community  will participate in planning and hosting the event, and parents from the community who need additional help providing Christmas for their children will be able to volunteer their time in exchange for choosing additional gifts for their children.

Deck the HUB will be a Christmas experience in which all families of the Hillcrest neighborhood can make crafts with each other as well as select a gift that fits into each of the four rooms’ themes as listed below. Opportunities to volunteer by decorating, leading activities, donating or hosting donation drives, and more are available by clicking the button below. 

THE NEED ROOM: school uniforms, household items

THE READ ROOM:  age appropriate books

THE WEAR ROOM: coats, jackets and other winter accessories

THE WANT ROOM: toys, small electronics, etc.

Thanks for joining us in this exciting new journey! To learn more about our thinking behind the switch from ToySTORE to Deck the HUB, check out this book and this book.

For questions about how you can help, contact Nicole Ellis, Director of Emergency Assistance Services, at 731.423.9257 or

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