Salt & Light Banquet

September 14, 2017
Carl Perkins Civic Center

Area Relief Ministries is excited to invite you to our annual Salt & Light Banquet on September 14, 2017 at the Carl Perkins Civic Center. This year will feature founder of Area Relief Ministries, Mary Tyler. Mary will share her inspiring story of overcoming the odds in order to help those in our community. You can read more about ARM’s history and get additional details for the event here.   

The Salt & Light Banquet serves as ARM’s largest fundraiser, making possible the services we provide. Emergency shelter, case management, and transitional employment services are provided for those who are homeless through Room in the Inn, Open ARM Day Center and FreshSTART. Afterschool, summer programs and gang prevention programs for at-risk youth are offered through The Hub Club and other community development services. Financial assistance for rehousing, dental extractions, prescriptions, as well as other services offered through ARM’s Emergency Assistance programs.

We cannot provide these services to help strengthen our community without your support of events like Salt & Light. We invite you to get your table(s) reserved as soon as possible. A table for eight is $400 or you may purchase a seat for $50.



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