ARM’s main events each year serve as a means of garnering the necessary funding to support our clients each year. Those include:

ARM’s annual banquet & fundraiser celebrates all that has been accomplished throughout the year. It is a night of encouragement that allows the community to renew their support in our mission. Also, with the blessing of volunteer and service growth over the years, the banquet honors our multiple corporate, church and individual sponsors.

With local and regional high school teams playing, the HUB Classic is a three-day basketball tournament at Jackson’s Oman Arena. We also host 3-point and dunk contests that are open to spectators. This fun family event provides a unique opportunity for sponsors and community to connect over good basketball for a great cause. 

The “How Do I Say Thank You” breakfast is a celebratory event that is limited to the organizations in our community that participate in the Room in the Inn program. At this event, we get to express our extreme gratitude to our partners for their dedication to serving “the least of these”. We hope that this small gesture will re-energize them and encourage greater participation.

Beyond our main events, ARM occasionally hosts other smaller events both for fundraising as well as strengthening the bond of our partners and communities. From Family Fun days at the AMP to RITI Roundtables, we work to disseminate our message, garner support, and give recognition to our Yearly Partners at all events hosted by ARM.