ARM’s mission is to strengthen our community by providing services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity and foster hope for those in need…as an expression of the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ.


Area Relief Ministries is a long-standing community partner that cares about Jackson and its people.  In a community filled with organizations seeking to make a difference, we think there are a few things that make ARM distinct. We are committed to these as we seek to work with churches and organizations across the city to make our community a stronger one.

ARM distinctives


Faith-Based Worldview

We lean into a theology that clearly communicates the God throughout scripture–– a God who identifies first with the poor, the at-risk, the marginalized and the judged. ARM believes our kingdom-oriented efforts are done best in concert with the local Church as an ongoing expression of the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Evidence-Based Practice

We understand that charity and good intentions are not enough, and without careful research, planning, and evaluation, charity and good intentions often lead to harm for all involved. ARM constantly evaluates its practices against national and international standards to ensure we are moving in ways proven to be best practice.

Strengths Perspective

We follow Saleebey’s Strengths Perspective in all of our programs and practices from the Board of Directors to the clients we serve. ARM assumes that our environment is filled with resources, that crises can bring both great struggle and great empowerment, and that we do not know the upper limits of anyone’s capacity to grow and change, and therefore take the aspirations of others seriously.

Trauma-Informed Care

We value the global research community’s growing understanding that people living in crisis experience chronic and complex trauma affecting all aspects of life and development. ARM recognizes that the individuals we serve at risk of homelessness, eviction, utility shut-off, lack of education, and lack of medical care are in a constant state of trauma, and our efforts in serving must therefore be built on a foundation that is trauma-informed.

Dignity and Respect

We recognize that material poverty is just one of many types of poverty in our community. Those serving and those served struggle across poverties of material need, safety, participation, rest, identity, understanding and spirituality. ARM therefore makes careful effort to serve our clients with utmost dignity and respect as we understand all of us are in need.

Collaborative Partner

We celebrate the generous, capable and intentional spirit of our community. ARM therefore seeks to maximize on that good by partnering with our clients, their families, other for-profit and not for-profit organizations, task forces, coalitions and businesses who are seeking to strengthen our community together.



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