Board of Directors


“A genuine leader is not a searcher for concensus but a molder of concensus.”

Area Relief Ministries understands the importance of great leadership.  Our volunteer board of directors, made up of servant leaders from all walks of life, is determined to see ARM flourish in all its endeavors.  The following board members provide the oversight and vision needed for us to be successful in meeting the needs of many in our community:

Deann Montchal – President
Jeff Brown – Vice-President
Tiffany Finney – Secretary
Ivy Smith – Treasurer
Shaun Brown
Paula Butler
Lisa Deaton
Dennis Dix
Keith Groves
Greg Hammond
Stephen Hammond
Lynne Henning
Jacque Hillman
Rhonda Hudson
Greg Jordan
Brad Little
Lee McCollum
Lynn Menendez
Sonya Miller
Tyreece Miller
Randall Page
Mary Anne Poe
Spencer Pratt
Luke Pruett
Linda Rizzuto
Susan Rudd
Jonathan Stewart
Pat Taylor
Michelle Warren

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